Classic Australian Easter Special

Classic Australian Easter Special Re-Released Filmed on location in the Holy Land “THE COMPLETE SACRIFICE” is hosted by Australian Evangelist Rev. Dr. Bill Newman. This colourful Easter special is a picture book of Old World locations mixed with Bible truth that leads the viewer to a richer understanding of the life, teachings and saving mission…

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Festival of Peace – Pudicherry, India

Our hearts were so moved as night by night we witnessed the Holy Spirit drawing so many to the foot of the cross to fully trust Christ at the Pudicherry Festival of Peace. After month’s of planning and prayer the grounds were filled with so many coming to hear the message of hope for their lives…

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Training Evangelism Leaders – Malaysia

Thank you so very much for your prayer for our meetings in Malaysia, the Lord certainly answered them.

Jorge Rodrigues and I were so blessed meeting with the NECF leaders responsible for Evangelism throughout the nation. The desire, as well as outreach, is to conduct…

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Reaching the Nations

I was just reading in Luke’s Gospel chapter 10 about the Lord sending out the 72 disciples. Before that He sent out the 12 Apostles and before that John the Baptist came – “preparing the way of the Lord.”

As the moment we are busy preparing for meetings in 2020. We want it to…

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Albania Responds

The “Festim Shprese me” or Celebration of Hope with Will Graham was held at the Palace of Congress in the nation’s capital city. More than 50 years ago, the communist party declared Albania to be the world’s first atheist nation.

Nearly 60 percent of Albanians…

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Bill Newman Re-releases Classic Children’s Follow Up Book – “Life’s Greatest Adventure” Recently Australian Evangelist Dr Bill Newman has released an updated version of his classic follow up book for children who make commitments of their lives to Christ. First written by Dr Bill for children’s follow up in Australian tent meetings, this clear and…

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India Calling

The state of Meghalaya in north east India has invited me on a number of occasions in the past to proclaim the Gospel. The joy we have had in seeing so many come to faith in Christ is so thrilling and fulfilling…

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