Special Features

Special Television Events

Bill Newman Ph. D has produced and hosted numerous special events for television. Focusing on special subjects as Easter or Christmas, his specials have been broadcast on nationwide domestic broadcast networks in Australia and internationally in other markets.

As with all areas of Bill’s ministry, the sole purpose of these productions is to bring the Gospel of Christ to a broader audience. We give God glory for these special opportunities to share God’s truth on such a wide scale. To stand with us in partnership or contact us for future production reach out to us via our contact page.

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One can set a hundred to flight but two can set a thousand! Join with us in sharing the Good News.


Experienced production team.


Television medium reaches mass markets.


The Gospel never sleeps

View one of our classic Special Features here entitled The Complete Sacrifice which premiered nationwide on Channel 7 as an Easter Special.

Shot on location in the Holy land this exciting presentation delves into the life, crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. Click below to see more or purchase for use in your church as a fantastic Easter time message.

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