Upcoming Fiji Event

“The Lord reigns, let the earth rejoice, let the ISLANDS be glad.” Psalm 97:1

We are so encouraged by the exciting report from Jorge Rodrigues, Ken Mihill and Jason Blaiklock who have just returned from Fiji doing advance planning for the Come Together meetings in June-July…

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Classic Australian Easter Special

Classic Australian Easter Special Re-Released Filmed on location in the Holy Land “THE COMPLETE SACRIFICE” is hosted by Australian Evangelist Rev. Dr. Bill Newman. This colourful Easter special is a picture book of Old World locations mixed with Bible truth that leads the viewer to a richer understanding of the life, teachings and saving mission…

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Festival of Peace – Pudicherry, India

Our hearts were so moved as night by night we witnessed the Holy Spirit drawing so many to the foot of the cross to fully trust Christ at the Pudicherry Festival of Peace. After month’s of planning and prayer the grounds were filled with so many coming to hear the message of hope for their lives…

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